Welcome to Aevum Wellness

Welcome to Aevum Wellness

Health and wellness is at the heart of what we do and our aim is to encourage and assist people to maintain a healthy, strong and independent quality of life through the degenerative ageing process. We offer specialised services using safe and effective technology that can assist with many conditions, including mobility and stability, poor posture, loss of muscle and strength, osteoporosis, poor circulation, and more. The Aevum Wellness Centre is not a gym, and not a doctor’s office, but a unique facility that provides a safe and effective way to enhance health, longevity and independent active living.


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We are a REPs Registered Exercise Facility which means we meet NZ and international standards to deliver safe and effective exercise advice to you.


Why choose Aevum Wellness?



Our program is customised for each client’s comfort and ability level.


 Safe and effective

Training is supervised by qualified exercise specialists to help you get great results.


 Tangible results

We measure and monitor your progress, providing regular performance reports.

What our clients say

The staff and trainers at Aevum Wellness are so supportive and cheerful … It’s a joy to look forward to my session once a week.

Gladys J. (87)

Although I’m only halfway through my programme, the results have been spectacular … I’ve been able to decrease my use of painkillers by 75%.

Ian C.

We have noticed a marked improvement in our mobility, balance and general fitness … we always feel invigorated at the end of each session.

Jessie & David M.

Our promise to you …

Our professional staff will do everything they can to give you the best training advice possible, tailored to your individual condition and abilities, in order to help you achieve your goals.

Invest in your fitness for active-ageing

The wisest action you can take to support your lifestyle as you age is to invest time in your fitness. Staying physically active, or active-ageing, is one of the secrets to a long and active life, and it’s never too late to start a program. Power Plate training offers an efficient, and time-saving way to
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Diabetes can cause problems in many parts of the body. The reason is that diabetes damages nerves and blood vessels, and these are found everywhere in the body. Diabetes complications fall into three general categories: Nerve Damage (Neuropathy) Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is nerve damage caused by chronically high blood sugar levels. It can lead to
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Research supports whole body vibration for treating osteoporosis

The positive effects of regular exercise on the prevention of the postmenopausal symptoms like have been widely accepted, and exercise has been encouraged to enhance muscle strength, flexibility and prevent bone loss in menopause leading to osteoporosis. There are conflicting results among the different types of exercises during ageing, and walking and jogging modalities do
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Improving balance reflexes for fall prevention

When it comes to avoiding fractures, reliable balance and strong legs and ankles are exceptionally important. Because of their flexibility, mobility, and weight-bearing ability, ankles are vulnerable to breakage in the event of a misstep or fall. In fact, your legs, ankles, and feet are performing hundreds of small, subtle movements to prevent you from
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 Strengthening with bioDensity for Active Aging, Senior Living, and Older Adults

A novel bone-strengthening therapy gaining recognition amongst US physicians as a promising intervention for sufferers of low bone mineral density is available right here in Tauranga. Aevum Wellness in Unichem Faulkner’s Pharmacy offers bioDensity therapy – once weekly sessions of 20 minutes, which can be done in your street clothes. BioDensity has a unique focus
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