Heart health or cardiovascular fitness and vascular aging are associated with muscle strength and muscle mass. The more muscle that is lost heart healththrough the ageing process, the higher the risks of cardiovascular disease.

This week we look at the effect of whole body vibration on muscle mass.

Several studies have shown whole body vibration to result in increases in muscle mass in the young and the old, in healthy or obese, and diabetic and diseased clinical populations.

The studies varied in length from 8 weeks to over 6 months. In many of these studies the increase in muscle size from whole body vibration training was very similar to what conventional strength training achieved. An important consideration however was the amount of time of the training session – where the whole body vibration session was much shorter than the strength training session.

Another consideration is that many of the groups studied were not able to attend regular strength training sessions due to illness, physical condition, diabetes, or obesity. The shorter sessions meant that compliance was better – leading to healthier long term outcomes.

It was therefore concluded that whole body vibration training with the right parameters can be as efficient as a fitness intervention in increasing muscle mass. We recommend obtaining the guidance of a vibration training expert before you try this at home.

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