Invest in your fitness for active-ageing

The wisest action you can take to support your lifestyle as you age is to invest time in your fitness. Staying physically active, or active-ageing, is one of the secrets to a long and active life, and it’s never too late to start a program. Power Plate training offers an efficient, and time-saving way to get fit, stay active and remain independent for longer.

Research shows that this form of exercise can fight the effects of ageing by delivering healthy strength gains, increasing the production of repair hormones, improving regeneration and circulation, increasing bone density, regained agility, postural control, balance and coordination, as well as pain reduction, increased metabolism, and improved cardiovascular health and wellness.

This means moving more easily, getting stronger, standing straighter, recovering quicker, reducing pain, fewer falls, and feeling fitter.

You do not have to be fit or strong to start using Power Plate – you can do the exercises in your normal clothes, and you can even do them sitting down if need be.

Professional assessment and exercise guidance for specific conditions is available at Aevum Wellness, Unichem Faulkner’s Pharmacy. Appointments are essential. Personal Power Plate machines are also available at Aevum for purchase if you prefer to use it in your own home.