Our people

Our people


Leticia Koslowski

Leticia Koslowski    B.Phys. Ed.; M. Phys. Ed. (Elderly Exercise)

Leticia is a passionate active ageing exercise specialist, with 10 years experience and a Masters degree in exercise for the elderly. Warm and personable, Leticia has a solid science based background in goal-oriented exercise prescription and her encouragement will get you through the toughest exercise.  With attention to detail, Leticia offers lots of cueing through each exercise to ensure that your workouts are designed appropriately and specific exercise protocols are performed safely and with the correct intensity.



Lynda Hitchfield

Lynda brings experience working with groups of elderly in Sit and fit classes at YMCA. She is also an aquarobics instructor. Lynda’s passion is surf lifesaving, and trying to achieve work-life balance (sanity?) in a household of teenage boys.






stuart Stuart MacDonald

Stuart is our managing pharmacist. Qualifying in Scotland in 2010, he started working at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, gaining a wealth of clinical knowledge working closely with the wider multidisciplinary team. Stuart emigrated to New Zealand in 2013 and after a short spell in Whangamata moved to Tauranga. He has been a champion of bringing progressive change into pharmaceutical care, embracing change and training for the new services offered through pharmacy. He always has time to discuss concerns with patients and doctors with the long standing ethos of putting the patient at the center of their health and care. Outside of work Stuart is a keen cyclist, occasional triathlete, surfer, kitesurfer and snowboarder.




Jaydn Nixon

Jaydn is the owner and head physiotherapist of Recharge Physio, the physiotherapy business on site. He started working as a physiotherapist in 2002. His experience includes hospital based rehab, private clinics, gym-based rehab and has also had education roles related to physiotherapy and Power Plate. He has treated over 8,000 patients, from 5 years old, to 95 years old, from bed bound patients, to world class athletes. Jaydn offers his expert advice to our trainers from time to time, and has a cross-referral system with Aevum Wellness.  From a rehabilitation point of view Jaydn can help you relieve your aches and pains by looking at the site of injury as well as considering the rest of your body to get you back to enjoying your favourite activities as soon as possible. Special interests include treating surfers, work place ergonomics, lower back pain, early knee arthritis, shoulder injuries, health education and holistic management of patients. Jaydn has been drawn to the beautiful Bay of Plenty for the great outdoor lifestyle on offer and having surf and family close by.

Contact Recharge Physio on 07 3944227 to book an appointment with Jaydn.