Here’s what others have to say about their experiences with Aevum:


Amy has experienced significant results, listen to what she has to say.

– Amy Borge

“After years of measurable bone density decline I was desperate to find an answer. Also for years I have taken non-prescription calcium without any measurable benefit. Then my husband and I read about the Aevum program and decided to investigate. To my great joy, after only eight months my latest bone density testing shows a 6% increase. Quite frankly I would have been happy with no further decline in BMD, but a 6% increase is just over the top. I am now stronger and enjoying everything thing I do more.”

– Nancy Hemming

“I was initially skeptical about the strength and health benefits of the Aevum Program. However, in a short time I started seeing and feeling the great results! I have improved my strength and physical conditioning, I have better posture, I feel better and continue experiencing improvements.”

– Richard Hemming

Robyn can continue to do the things she loves improving her quality of life.

– Robyn Cherwin

“This has helped me manage the athritis in my neck eliminating my headaches. Also there is no more pain in my lower back and I can walk without discomfort again. I have more stamina and feel great!”

– Peg DeGaul

“Aevum Wellness has allowed me to maintain my active lifestyle without the frustrations of weakeness, aches and pains. My stamina, power and endurance have never been better! These “make sense” sessions have been the key to increasing my strength and stamina.”

– Greg Schmitz